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Amazing Textile Factory has over 15 years of experiences and which is a comprehensive company specialized in the manufacture and sale of various kinds of yarns for textile and hand kntting .Most of our products had been exporting to North America, South America, Eastern Europe,Western Europe and th...More>>
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  • Acrylic Knitting Wool Yarn (AT-W9215)
  • fancy fabric yarn for handicrafter(AT-NY9812)
  • new types of needles brand knitting yarn(AT-NY9811...
  • acrylic hand and machine knitting yarn (AT-W9190)
  • Acrylic wool yarn (AT-W9188)
  • Acrylic blended knitting yarn for baby(AT-W9192)
  • Looking for Tube or Core-Spun Yarn (AQS-ABX)
  • Polyester Sequin Yarn used for embroidery (AT-NY97...
  • Buy Tube Yarn from China Supplier (ADZ9731 to 40)
  • Supply Knot Yarn for fabric (AJZ9731-40)
  • China popular yarn for knitting (AT-NY9791)
  • Hand Knitting Wool Yarn (AT-NY9787)
  • Soft Lily Yarn (APM9731 to 40)
  •  New type knitting yarn (AT-NY9720)
  • Acrylic chenille yarn for knitting patterns
  • Magic Scarf can be changed 15 different wears (AT-...
  • 2013 New Magic Scarf  (AT-MS9779)
  • Best-selling taiwan magic scarf (AT-MS9777)
  • feather twisting yarn (AT-NY9792)
  • 2013 New Fancy Knitting Yarn(AT-NY9746)