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Product name:acrylic hand and machine knitting yarn (AT-W9190)

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100% acrylic hand and machine knitting yarn (AT-W9190)

Item No.:



100% Acrylic Yarn


raw and dyed


812/2ply, 50g/ball = 315m

Yarn Count


Yarn Ply

single-thread, 2ply,3ply,4ply,6ply or customized


50g, 85g,100g/ball for dyed yarn


 Knitting, machine knitting sweaters and weaving fabric or upholstery

Used for

Baby suits, knitwear, knitting sweater, gloves, baby socks and wool scarf


Our company specializing in designing, manufacturing, dyeing and knitting of knitting yarn ,baby yarn and wool yarn.

1) Main products: wool yarn, knitting wool, baby yarn, 100% cotton baby yarn, Australia yarn, spun sick yarn, mercerised yarn and 100% wool

2) materials: acrylic, cotton, polyester ,wool, Australian yarn,

4) color: Different color can be available also can be multi color dyed.

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